Sunday, 29 January 2012

Magnificent Seven - What a Day !!

The Magnificent Seven tournament has been and gone.  It was a fun tournament, and I got in 7 great games, most of them were also very tough games against good generals.  Because of the comp rules baning large blast templates there were a lot more Orks than expected, and there was a nice mix of armies.

Over the day I faced:
lFoot Necrons
lBlood Angels (Assault marines and Bikers)
lSpace Wolves (Grey Hunters x2, 2 Cav, Long Fangs with 4 Missiles, Scouts)
lFoot Orks
lMech Orks
lSpace Wolves (Grey Hunters x 2, Long Fangs with 4 Missiles, 4 Cav)
lMech Grey Knights

There were custom scenarios which on the whole I thought worked quite well, and were a nice change.  Different obectives to shake things up, but not too confusing to eat into playing time.  However I did think they favoured assault based armies and armies with a lot of mobility.  This didn't affect me much, but some armies such as Guard or any gunline would have been seriously impacted.

How did I do ?  Well you'll have to wait till during the week for follow posts on how I did in the battles :)



  1. Glad you enjoyed the day Rob! We certainly enjoyed running it and I was somewhat knackered by the time I got home.

    May have to revise the whole banning of large templates in the future to stop those massive Ork Hordes :-)

    Looking forward to the battle reports...

  2. Nothing wrong with orks, and the reintroduction of multi large blasts would lead to a swing too far the other way. Guard could put batalisks squadrons etc.

    Maybe ban ordance over a certain strength (eg. 7+), but allow large blasts, eg. let in whirlwinds, griffins, razorwings jetfighters etc.

    Out of banning ordance and letting them in freely I think banning them led to a better event at such a low points value.




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