Tuesday, 5 July 2011

[40k] June Review


It's been a bit of a relaxing month 40k wise, but there's been some interesting developments.


I haven't done much painting or converting this month, probably an effect of having my 1750 point Dark Eldar army completed means there isn't the pressure to finish models for a deadline.

I converted an old haemonoculus model to be a Wrack Acothyst by replacing the pistol hand with an arm holding a blade from the new warrior box set.  I've also started assembling a Razorwing (see my early progress here).

To help me focus on my painting I've made a draft list for the M.A.D. tournament in October which contains most of the units I want to add to my Dark Eldar army (Reavers, Razorwing Jetfighter & Beastmaster unit).  After the lull over the last month I'm hoping this will motivate me to get some more units painted for my Dark Eldar, plus I'm looking to trying out some of the other Dark Eldar units.


I didn't manage to get in any gaming with my mates or down my local gaming club, due to my nightmare commute meaning that I was getting back to late to make the club, plus lots of social events at the weekends.  However I did manage to attend a great 2 day tournament called Complaince II hosted by Triple Helix Wargames.

Going into my last game I was an unbeaten, but a third kill point game of the weekend (which also had special rules to give the opponent bonus kill points for what you had left on the board) saw me drop to 7th out of 20 players with a loss.

Overall it was a good tournament, and I really enjoyed the weekend, including picking up some more Battlefield In A Box terrain and an Army Painter paint set at 20% off RRP :)

It's not all doom and gloom with the Kill Point missions with my Dark Eldar, so far I've gone 9/1/2 (W/D/L) with my Dark Eldar over the three tournaments, and I have gone 3/0/2 in kill point missions, and only one of my three wins at kill points missions was by tabling my opponent, so it'd definietely possible to win anniliation games even when you have significantly more kill points than your opponent. Careful application of firepower can cripple an opponent's mobility (in the case of assault armies) or long range firepower (in the case of gunlines) allowing you to assault on your terms.

Other Gaming News

Warhammer interest will be boasted by the release of Storm of Magic.  It looks interesting, and I'm tempted to play a few games with my Skaven.  With my interest in Bloodbowl and Warmachine being roused by various leagues and campaigns down my local club, I'm in danager of being in the same situation I was last year, and being pulled in two many directions at once.  I'll be trying to stay mainly focused on 40k, and use the other games as a nice distraction in between painting and gaming with my Dark Eldar.

Rumours for Necrons are starting to appear on the internet.  As the codex is a way off all of it has to be taken with a large pinch of salt.  A seclection of the rumours can be found here (Warseer) and here from the always excellent Faeit 212 blog.

Upcoming Posts

Well I'm so behind on posts I have quite a backlog to post.  Hopefully without the rush to finish painting units for a impending tournament, I should be able to make some headway into the backlog this month.


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  1. My painting is coming along now I'm not doing any comp's this year. I can spend more time on the details and realy enjoy the process.
    I plan on hiting the comp scene big next year, trying to get one in a month if possible.
    Glad your doing well with the Dark Eldar, still can't wait to see how the new Tau Codex plays out.



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