Wednesday, 4 May 2011

[40k] April Review


It's been a busier month 40k-wise, so let's see what I've got up to...

Painting / Modelling

Work has moved swiftly on the Dark Eldar, with the upcoming ASMOH tournament this Saturday. The progress tracker is up to 87.5%. The list of required tasks is now:
  • Finish off two Venoms
  • Flock four bases for the new Venoms
  • Build and paint 2 Ravager turrets (to replace two turrets that snapped off recently)
  • Paint the base edge of 20 wyches
  • Paint base edges and some minor base painting on 6 Wracks
Definitely do-able, I just need to do a bit each evening.


I’ve managed to get in 6 games this month. My new Tau list got a draw against Blood Angels in GW Slough (battle overview to follow), and my Dark Eldar went 3-0-2 (W-D-L). The Dark Eldar losses were against Mech Eldar (I must have better target priority, ie. at least stun the tanks) and Marines in an Annihilation mission (having 22 kill points hurts).  In total I've had 7 games with the new Dark Eldar codex, and watched quite a few others using armies of varying flavours (mech without any of the new vehicles, lots of hellions, and WWP with beasts & cronos engines).  Although I would have liked more practice games against marines, it should mean I don't get slaughtered at the tournament.

It’s nice getting more games in, and I definitely needed the practice with the upcoming two tournaments.

Other Hobby News

The main GW rumours I am reading is of a switch from using metal to resin. There have been a couple of counter rumours, however something is definitely up from what stores are hearing from GW Trade Sales. Hopefully over the coming weeks things will become a little clearer.

May is normally the month where the number of tournaments starts to pick, so it’ll be interesting to see if Space Wolves & Imperial Guard maintain their top tier status and whether the new codexes of Blood Angels and Dark Eldar join them as they mature and people get the hang of them. IMHO Grey Knights will prove to be a tournament force but will not join Imperial Guard and Space Wolves as top tier, and I believe in the right hands Blood Angels & Dark Eldar will challenge but not quite emulate the success of Space Wolves or Imperial Guard.

Upcoming Posts

I've got a few posts in the pipeline, which include:
  • Gaming in a GW store, and the new Tau list’s first test-run
  • Archon Rathstar Venomblade introduces his Kabel plus their Wych Cult & Coven allies
  • Guest pictures of a converted Venom
  • ASMOH overview and/or battle reports

If you have any preference for which post you’d like to read first please let me know in the comments. I’ll try and finish another post before the tournament, but as you can imagine I have to ensure I get all the painting done for the tournament.



  1. Looking forward to the converted Venom-article.
    But hurry up, before we have a real model to compare to.

  2. I would imagine that space wolves and imperial guard will maintain their top slots for the upcoming tournaments, I think they will be the placing armies at ASMOH. Grey knights have a lot of potential, but think it will take a while for people to get the feel of the army. As far as dark eldar, I haven't had the chance to play them yet so I'll hold my opinion till I can make an informed decision.



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