Thursday, 3 March 2011

Converted Venom


Just some quick pics of my first converted venom. The first pic is of the whole model.

I started with a vyper and cut of the top of the canopy to make it look more open, and added a Dark Eldar head. For the back section I used a raider gang plank and 2 raider keel blades. I was going to use plasticard for the back section but when this was suggested to me I thought this was much easier and in my view looks a lot better.

I then added a reaver jet bike canopy to the front, and jetbike tail fins to the vyper wings, which I think carries on the Dark Eldar feel.

I added raider spikes to the front of the vehicle, and added splinter cannons (shown in the second pic) converted from raider disintegrators and splinter rifles.

Apart from the reaver jet bike bits all the raider bits would be spare from any raiders you'll probably be building for your army. As I've already got 6 old raiders I had to ask friends who were starting Dark Eldar and use eBay. I definitely recommend to anybody starting Dark Eldar to keep all the spare parts they get from making the kits because they are excellent for conversions.

The final pic is the venom from a different angel.

Let me know what you think. One venom down, at least 2 (if not 3) more to go...but not tonight.

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  1. I love how fast it looks. Reminds me a lot of a Wraith dark from Stargate Atlantis.

  2. Looks pretty sweet. I like how you incorporated stuff from the new models with the Vyper to give it the look and feel of the new Dark Eldar.

  3. Using the Reaver Jetbike canopy makes the Vyper look more aggressive, gives it more "Dark Eldar Feeling".
    And the transport section looks quite fragile the way you made it, also fitting the overall look.
    Very nice!!

  4. Thanks for the kind words.

    I've got most of the stuff to build the rest of the venoms, but I need a few more bits which I'm searching eBay for.

    I should get to test run the venom this weekend against nids, so i'll let you all know how the venom performs.

    I'm considering making this the Trueborn venom and converting the warrior/wrack venom slightly differently. The keel blades would go under the front of the vehicle and the back would be made from either the raider crew area or plasticard.


  5. It looks sleek and deadly... and like many Dark Eldar vehicles, dangerous to pick up. :)

  6. As everyone else has said it looks fast and deadly. Great looking model.



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