Saturday, 5 March 2011

[40k] February Review


It's been another slow month for me, having a long commute to work does allow me to read lots of blogs while on the train, but doesn't really let me get back to my home town early enough to go to my local games club, and normally I'm don't feel like doing much painting or modelling when I get home.

The month started out with a blog post about cutting unnessary upgrades from your army list to afford more units, and give a yard stick to compare your other lists to. There were some good comments, and also Galador gave us his experiences with his Dark Eldar and how they performed at a local tournament he went to recently. Even if you've read the main blog post, it's worth popping back if you haven't read all the comments.

Painting / Modelling

There has been a bit of progress on my armies. The progress bar in the sidebar has moved marginally. I'm closer to playing games with my space wolves, I just need to finish assembling a razorback I got from ebay. I've taken sections of it apart to paint seperately (it's a pain trying to prise apart glued plastic bits, and I nearly took my thumb off).

Sometimes I wonder if the small saving from buying a poorly painted model off ebay is worth all the hassle, time and pain of cutting it up and repainting it. Al least it's nice to tell my other half I've bought it x% cheaper by going on ebay, she still glares at me for spending more money, but it helps.

You may have seen (here) that I've converted my first venom. The feedback I've received so far is good - thanks all of you that commented.

So a bit of progress, but not enough if I want to have an army ready for the tournament in 60 days. Let alone have the army ready in time to have lots of games in preparation for the tournament.


Unfortunately it's been another barren month for gaming. However I should be playing a game with my Dark Eldar or my Space Wolves against my mate whose down for the weekend with his nids. Also I e-mailed my mates I normally play against and suggested we have a few games next week. So hopefully things will improve, and there should be the odd battle report here soon.

Also my local GW is changing their games nights to a tuesday, so it doesn't clash with my local club giving me two chances to get back to Reading early enough to get a game. Another bonus is that your army does not need to be fully painted, once there is progress each week to getting the army painted, so I'll be able to take my Dark Eldar as soon as the Venoms are converted.

Unfortunately I'm waiting for some auctions to end on ebay so I can hopefully purchase some more bits to convert my remaining vypers into venoms. Also the ebay sellers are in the States so they may take a while for the bits to get to me. I think I'll just write up lists containing the number of vemons I have converted. It's better I get games in whether or not it's with my ideal list doesn't make much difference.

Other Hobby News

The grey knight rumours are getting more concrete, helped by a leaked playtesters version of the codex. I haven't looked on the web for a copy of the leaked codex so I don't know the full details. They appear to have special rules for teleporting about, but as before they will be expensive, so unless they have guard allies (something that was rumoured that they had lost) they will be a small elite force. That kind of force has never really worried me, but I'll to wait till I see the codex to see what nasty wargear and abilities they will bring to the game.

There are sketchy rumours about a Summer of Fliers event in a few months. To conincide with this a number of model releases will come out. At first it was rumoured that the Venom, Razorwing & Voidraven would be released, but now the rumour is that only the Razorwing will be released. It would be shame if only one of the unreleased Dark Eldar vehicles were released by the summer, however these are only rumours which have to be taken with a heavy dose of salt, so things could be totally different.

I hope you've had a fun and productive February, now I must get back to my razorback...



  1. Hey,

    Really enjoying your blog. You have some excellent ideas as far as List's go for DE. Completely on the same wavelength as me. MSU all the way :-D

    Looking forward to see your completed army. My last army was Space wolves too.

    All the best


  2. Was a great month to read, Rathstar, even with no battle reports! Had a great time talking about the differences in our Dark Eldar lists, and I think that between us we showed really well just how versatile the Dark Eldar can be no matter the player or the local metagame differences!! I look forward to March and hopefully a batrep or two from you, and I will start doing more detail on my games and giving you batreps on them, so if there is anything list wise you would like me to try out, just let me know, and I'll throw it into a game for ya if you don't have time!

    Played a 6k sided points battle last night with Deamons as my partner against Necrons and Tau...... they conceded after the top of turn two because our side was all assault, it was pitched battle setup on a double length table, and between Urien wiping one Taue Commander and his Crisis Suits in CC on Turn two, and the 9 man Reavers wiping the second Tau Commander and hist battle suits in the Movement phase of turn two, almost shooting the 3rd Crisis suit team to death, deamons and wracks eating necrons alive, dark lance neutralizing hammerheads, nad bloodbrides blowing up Monoliths, they didn't have much of anything left lol!!!

    And lastly, if you would like, I can throw up a pic or two of my two converted Venoms, one is from a Vyper, but quite a bit different from yours or the others that I have seen on the net, and one if from an old Raider, and I think it suits the role quite well! Just let me know if you want then, and I will host them and provide a link if you want!!!



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