Sunday, 10 October 2010

First Steps in Warmachine

I've been getting into Warmachine lately. If you read my previous Warmachine post you'll remember that I was waiting to start Retribution, well things have changed since I last posted.

Years ago before the retribution fraction even existed I bought a Menoth starter set, but with no-one to play against it eventually was sold on ebay. A well painted (but simple color scheme) Menoth army came up on ebay. It was just the starter set plus a unit of errants but the different yet simple (ie. I could copy it) paint scheme inspired me.

Buying the Menoth fraction book I liked the synergy of the units which was essential to overcome the weakness of the jacks; slow as khador but with the armour and damage grids of cygnar.

Luckily for me, when I posting on my local club's forum for list advice someone mentioned they had some Menoth they wanted to sell, so I was able to pick up some more models. The models bought are nicely painted, but I'll have to repaint them to match the the starter I bought off ebay.

With the purchase of a unit of bastions (absolutely gorgeous models, that happen to also be good on the battlefield) I had enough of an army to join my local club's Warmachine campaign. I've played 3 games now (the last of which was the first game of the campaign), and I'm learning loads.

An upcoming post will go through what happened in my first 3 games and what I've learnt so far, plus I think I've found a fraction that really appeals to my playstyle (even more than Menoth) with models that will inspire me to paint them. Can you guess it ?



  1. I've heard people say it's allot like playing a card game(magic,five rings), in that you have to build your strategy and try and get everything happening in one decisive blow. Is that assumption way off or does it really play like that?

  2. It's a bit like that in the fact that each warcaster has a feat that they can trigger that lasts for one turn. An example is the warcaster I use which allows my models within 14" to gain an extra attack and automatically hit, so it's all about getting one decisive combat turn to maximise his feat.

    When to trigget the feat is a very hard choice; do I do it now, or wait till next turn when I may be able to get more models in combat which runs the risk that I may have a smaller army by then anyway.

    Each warcaster's feat will mean that you'll build your strategy and list differently, so in that case it is a bit like magic, however the use of scenarios and the fact that if you lose your caster you lose means that's it best to bring a balanced list (bit of shooting, bit of combat, some jacks, some infantry). My original list was very very combat focused, but I have since swapped a combat warjack for a unit of shooty infantry.

    Overall I find the games very tactical, and quite balanced. An opinion I hope I keep as I play more games.




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