Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Dark Eldar at Gamesday

With Games Day been and gone there's lots of info out on the web regarding the new dark eldar.

Most sources say that copies of the codex will be hitting the GW stores in 2-3 weeks (unfortunately not for sale, which in November), so more details info about the rules will be coming out soon.

A good summary of the info people have heard at gamesday is at Hersey Online. There's some good pictures of the models and sprues at gamesday, plus discussions about the unit rules. There's no points values so we've no idea how useful anything will be, but it's all sounding very interesting particularly the Power from Pain rule.

There's also a very good summary on the Dark Eldar blog, an excellent blog for all information on Dark Eldar.

Another source for preview pics is the GW site.

I must get on with my Space Wolves painting, because I'm going to be really busy with Dark Eldar once they come out, as I'm sure I'll be adding bits to my Dark Eldar.


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  1. The pics i've seen of the new Dark Eldar look great. I might get 1 or 2 too paint up but thats all. I've still got Tau to finish and i've got Marines to build. Also got some great 90's Aspect Warriors that i love.



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