Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Time for Expansion [Tau]


Well my Tau army has been static since my last tournament with them.  For that tournament I converted some Piranhas to be controlled by drones rather than pathfinders, and switching the wings round to give it more of an aircraft feel.  They're not finished and need some highlighting, but they were completed enough that I could use them in the tournament.

and here they are waiting to come on from reverses, with the rest of the army in the next pic:

The rumours of Tau being the next 40k codex has been trickling through, however now some further rumours are appearing:

here and here

They point to Tau getting 2 new suits (one larger and one smaller than a riptide), and the release, while not having a confirmed date, being in the next month or so.

Which gets me excited and worried at the same time !  At the start of 7th edition GW were releasing codexes that seems balanced with each other, and then that all changed with the Necron codex, a codex that jumped right up to top tier, while some held out hope that this was a blimp, that hope was cruelly dashed with the release of the Eldar codex and the confirmation that codex creep was back was cemented with the release of the Space Marine book.

So what worries me ?  Well if we keep the pattern, Tau will get a strong codex, but GW have at times missed codexes on the codex creep train, and such a codex can languish in a poor state for many many years.  To be fair Tau have had it good for a number of years, and it's not like they've not been in a bad state before (I fondly remember surprising people with the 3rd Ed codex).  I'm just hoping for a nice codex, not overly powerful like the last 3 codexes, but good enough that when played well they can do well.

Time will tell regarding the new codex's power level, but I can't wait to convert some new suits, however I have a sneaky suspicion that I make be painting up railgun arms for my broadsides :)

[I still remember when these were the bane of tanks anywhere, even landraiders]
With my updates to my pure Dark Eldar army almost complete, I just have an Aspect Host allies, and updates to my Necrons, meaning my painting table should be all clear when the new Tau codex hits.


27/08 Update: More rumours here are putting the release date in September

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