Monday, 22 September 2014

First Voidraven Pics and Codex is close [Dark Eldar]


It's been an agonising wait, but titbits from the new Dark Eldar release is starting to come out.  Last weekend there was the new Wracks, and today there is pictures of the new Voidraven.  I really like the model, and I'm happy that it looks similar to the model I've comverted and have been using for the last year or so:
I really like the fins either side of the pilot on the new official model, as it sets off the thin neck of the flier (I may add that to my conversion).  Another difference is the official model has a large central fin (like the razorwing), while mine has a much smaller central fin (to make room for the Void Bomb):
If I did not already have a converted Voidraven I would definitely be getting the new model.  My only hope now is that they move the fliers to Fast Attack slots in the new codex.

Which leads me onto the codex.  Most recent rumours is that the codex will be up for pre-orders this weekend, being released on the 4th October along with the Voidraven and the Data Cards.

Last week White Dwarfs mentioned that Wracks are Toughness 4 and have Feel No Pain, and the latest rumours point says the battle report in White Dwarf next week "indicates that pain tokens are now a static effect with different effects automatically gained at the start of the turn depending on what turn number it is. My source says that army wide FnP, for example, is gained at the start of Turn 3".

I'm not sure what to make of this.  Dark Eldar has always been an alpha strike army, it hits hard and fast.  Feel No Pain on wracks, or wyches with the help of a haemonculus, was very useful for getting the assault troops to their target on turn 1 and 2.  Turn 3 Feel No Pain might be bit too late, but it's too early to worry, best to see what other information comes out.

I can't wait to see what the new codex brings.


PS. What's been keeping me away from blogging is a demanding work schedule, and painting up my Space Wolves for a tournament in two weeks.  I've converted Archeon's horse with Tyranid armour plates to be the mount for my new Iron Priest:
and I have to paint up Canis, increase my thunderwolves from 4 to 6, upgrade the painting on my bloodclaws and skyclaws to my latest army colout scheme, and various bits and bobs.

For my last tournament I painted up my 6th (and last for some time) Broadside, to replace a converted model I had.  Now my Tau thoughts turn to more mobility and increasing the long range anti tank against AV14 after an Imperial Knight and 2 summoned Bloodthirsters pinned me in allowing Pask and Wyverns to pound my army unmolested (but more on that in a later post).

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