Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Games Workshop FAQs - more are reappearing in their new home


When the Games Workshop website recently changed the FAQs disappeared.  However it was not long before they were found in their new home as part of the Black Library Digital Editions:

Initially there were only a few FAQs, but checking today there is a much longer lists.  I looked at the FAQs for Dark Eldar, Eldar, Tau & Space Wolves and they are the same as the ones that were on the old website.

I'm not sure if it was there was one before but there's a Farsight Enclave FAQ, it's only a small errata, but it's a nice one and stops one loop hole, by saying Aun'va and Shadownsun can be in a Farsight Enclave army (rather than detachment), so you can't get round the rule by using Tau Empire allies.

I'd doubt there will be much work done on the 40k FAQs if 7th Edition is a close as the rumours suggest, but at least most of the old ones are back.


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