Thursday, 27 March 2014

My Hobby Progress & Geekend Part 1


It's been a few months since I last blogged, and unfortunately I haven't got much gaming in, since the tournament in Janruary that I took my Space Wolves to.  A quick review of the tournament is coming, but a quick synopsis is that is was a really fun tournament, but I learnt a lot about my Wolves because they did soooo badly.  What's good though is that I can take the learnings and the models to increase the Wolves from 1250 up to 1750 points are already on the painting table.

Talking of painting table after the January tournament, my painting table was a mix of all the projects I wanted to finish quickly, from the aforementioned additions to my Space Wolves:
[Canis, extra Thunderwolf riders and Fenrusian Wolves]
[WIP Jetbike for my Rune Priest, and a WIP Mistress for my Repentia in the background]

a random Scout conversion (based on Telion):
[It is was a pain to get rid of all the ultramarine icons]

to the the start of the new addition for my Tau:
[Converting Fire Warriors, Shield Generators & Multi-trackers to make Firesight Marksmen]

However I've now got a bit more focus with my next tournament booked in for May and the army choosen (Tau), so all other painting projects are on hold until I finish painting the 20 models.

And that brings me onto Geekend !!  My mate that I went to the Janruary tournament said we must book a weekend for him to come down, so the date was set, and it's this weekend.  They'll be 3 of us, with couple of people popping in over the weekend, and over the weekend we hope to fit in:
40k: Tau vs Nids (on a terrain heavy board)
Firefly (the board game)
Dystopian Wars
and more Firefly

Part One of the 1st of hopefully a few Geekends this year is a return to the gaming table for my Tau.  On an open table I would think my Tau on paper should have the game easily, but on a terrain heavy table that blocks some decent line of sight it should be a tough fight.

As this is practice for the tournament I'm going to in May we're using dataslates, however the tournament caps flying monstrous creatures at 2, so I won't by facing the Skyblight formations, so instead I get to gave 5 heavy support choices in the form of the Artillery formation.  I'm partically worried about 2 mawlocs and what 3 biovores that can hide out of line of sight will do to my troop choices.
[Hopefully not a portent of things to come]

I'll post up my ideas on Mawloc defence and whether they worked in the game next week, but please chime in with any advice you have.  Below are the armies we'll be using.

Until next time


Tyranid Forces:

Tyranid Prime with devourers and talons 125

Tervigon with cluster spines 200
3 Tyranid Warriors with devourers and a barbed strangler 100
30 Termagants 120
21 Hormagaunts 105
21 Hormagaunts 105

Venomthrope 45
Venomthrope 45
3 Zoanthropes 150

Heavy Support
3 Biovores 135
Exocrine 170
Exocrine 170
Mawloc 140
Mawloc 140

Total: 1750

Tau Forces:

Ethereal - 74
  accompanied by 2 Marker Drones

XV8 Crisis Battle Suit Team - 256
Shas'vre with Command & Control Node, Puretide Engram Chip & Drone Controller*
2 Shas'ui each with 2 Missile Pods & a Target Lock
accompanied by 6 Marker Drones

XV104 Riptide - 185
Ion Accelerator, Twin-linked Fusion Blaster

XV104 Riptide - 185
Ion Accelerator, Twin-linked Fusion Blaster

9 Fire Warriors - 81

9 Fire Warriors - 81

10 Kroot - 60

10 Kroot - 60

10 Kroot - 60

Sniper Drone Team - 174
3 Firesight Marksmen
accompanied by 9 Sniper Drones

XV88 Broadside Team - 267
3 Shas'ui each with Twin-linked High Yield Missile Pods & Twin-linked Smart Missile System
accompanied by 6 Missile Drones

XV88 Broadside Team - 267
3 Shas'ui each with Twin-linked High Yield Missile Pods & Twin-linked Smart Missile System
accompanied by 6 Missile Drones

Total: 1750 Pts, 92 Models, 12 Units, 5 Troops

* Wargear Rules:

Command & Control Node - If the model does not shoot the rest of the unit is twin-linked

Puretide Engram Chip - At the start of it's movement phases the model chooses from a small list of USRs and has that USR till the start of it's next movement phase (against Nids Monster Hunter will be picked every turn, against other armies it's normally Tank Hunters)

Drone Controller (NB: The Firesight Markmen also have these and are BS5) - Other drones in the unit (apart from Missile Drones) use the bearers BS

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