Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Lacklustre Dark Eldar 2nd Wave


Well the Dark Eldar 2nd Wave is available for advance orders on the gw website (here).

Unfortunately the venom is not part of the second wave, and the entire wave are metal models. The second wave consists of:
  • Succubus
  • Beastmaster
  • Kyhmera
  • Clawed Fiend
  • Razorwing Flock
The variety of models are pretty poor, with only one beastmaster and one clawed fiend model. There are also only 2 varients of the khymera and both look very simular.

Being metal the price of buying a decent beastmaster unit is very expensive. To build the unit I discussed in my previous article would cost:
5 Beastmasters = £43.50
10 Khymera = £87.00
6 Razorwing Flocks = £46.20
Total = £176.70 - OMG, You could do a LoganWing army for that

Compared to £62 to get 20 hellions, I can see very very few people using beastmaster units, and those that do will not use the official models. A much cheaper option would be:
5 Hellions (modelled as beastmasters, ie. without the glaive) = £15.50
10 plastic choas hounds (khymeras) = £15.50
2 Blisters of Fantasy Bat Swarms (3 bats per base for razorwings) = £17.60
Total = £48.60

Even the forgeworld flying rippers work out cheaper than the official razorwing models.

Overall I think it's a disappointing wave. The saving grace is that they are nice models and I can see myself tempted to pick up the clawed fiend, even though the succubus is a nice model, it's probably easier to convert one out of plastic as metal is harder to convert. After all who wants their succubus to have the same pose as everyone else's :)

Below are pics of the models, let me know what you think of the models, price for a unit or anything else about them.



  1. I think the models look awesome, especially the Succubus, but the price cost for building a beastmaster unit has made me decide to get some of the old warp beasts off the internet for chimeras and use my hellions for beastmasters, that way I only have to buy a few razorwing flocks and maybe 1 or two clawed fiends to play test/paint for fun.

  2. I totally agree Rathstar! While the models look good, the price is going to almost force people to look for good alternatives. The ones you mentioned yourself were what I was thinking, though may I suggest Vampire Count Dire Wolves insteada of Chaos Hounds? They look almost exactly like the khymeras, especially with all the exposed muscle.

  3. Good idea on the dire wolves, they're also very good options for khymeras.

    Rather than forcing people to use other models I think the price will just push people not to use beastmaster units when there are are excellent plastic models for hellions and reavers.

    In some ways that's ok for those willing to put in the time to make their own unit, because non-Dark Eldar players will not be that knowledgeable of their rules, and may underestimate how good they can be at absorbing damamge and/or the rending on the flocks.




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