Monday, 24 May 2010

So Many Battles, So Little Time...


Well my Tau have now been to their 2nd one day tournament of the year, and they didn't fair too bad, however I think that was helped by lucky draws in some ways. I think some lists, such as mech guard, drop pod space wolves or assault squad spam blood angels give the Tau real trouble. The first can out shoot us easily and the others don't give us the starting room to manoeuvre.

So I know have 7 mini battle reports to finish, and I fly out on holiday tomorrow. I'm staying at my parents in America so at least I'll have internet access.

As a teaser here's the armies I faced (and the points value played):
Necrons (1250)
Tau (1250)
Eldar (1750)
Orks (1750)
Nurgle Daemons (1500)
Space Wolves (1500)
Necrons (1500)


1 comment:

  1. Assault deep striking marines tatored me last game. I am interested in seeing your battle reports! Hopefully you get some time to post them.




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