Friday, 30 April 2010

24hrs to Submit my Tournament Army List


In less than 24 hours I have to submit my army lists for the Small Matter of Honour tournament, run by the Sad Muppets Society in Basingstoke. I haven't managed to get any games in over the last week, so I'm still dithering over what to take.

I like the list I've been using at the moment:

Shas’el Ra’star (Plasma, CIB, M-Tracker, 2 Gun Drones) - 110

3 Crisis Suits with Plasma, Missile & M-tracker (one was given the team leader upgrade for wound allocation as I had 5 pts spare) - 191
3 Crisis Suits with Plasma, Missile & M-Tracker including Leader with 2 Gun Drones - 211
3 Crisis Suits, 1 with Twin-Missile & 2 Gun Drones, 2 with Missile, Burst, M-Tracker - 163

6 Fire Warriors - 60
10 Kroot & 7 Kroot Hounds - 112
10 Kroot & 7 Kroot Hounds - 112

8 Pathfinders - 96Devilfish with D.Pod - 85

Hammerhead (Railgun, Burst, M-Tracker, D.Pod) - 165
Hammerhead (Railgun, Burst, M-Tracker, D.Pod) - 165
3 Broadsides (SMS, ASS) including Leader with 2 Shield Drones and Target Lock - 280

1750 Points, 74 Models & 13 Kill Points

However there lots of things I'd like to add, but as ever I don't have the points, so to fit in the new things I'll have to cut something in the list that I like.

Here's what I'm considering:

  • Adding a unit of 2 Piranhas - They would add some speed to contest objectives, and can form a nice road block to slow down the enemy getting to my main firepower. I would have to lose a plasma/missile crisis suit and a broadside to afford this.
  • Another troop choice, probably 10 kroot. They can infiltrate onto far off objectives and just go to ground, or can be another layer of defense against fast armies trying to get to my crisis suits. I could afford these by just dropping a plasma/missile crisis suit and swapping the shas'el's plasma rifle for a missile pod (however that's 2 plasma rifles gone from the list, and they have done great in recent battles).
  • I could go all the way with an extra troop choice and get a transport for them as well. This would mean I would have to make the changes in the above bullet point and lose one of the broadsides, but the 1-2 punch of markerlights followed by 3 broadsides is sometimes so essential, such as a landraider that has moved 12" forwards turn 1 and threatens to throw out close combat nasty stuff into the middle of the Tau lines on turn 2.
Well as I said I've got till about 7pm to submit my lists, so let me know what you think ?



  1. I always like the piranhas. You could shave off about 100 points by turning your 2 fireknive squads into death rains, removing the drones (so they are easier to hide) and just take 6 pathfinders, and there ya go, 2 piranhas. It all depends on the models and whether or not you have your crisis suits magnetized. Good luck on the tournament I am expecting some battle reports to compare tactics with!

    Good Luck.


  2. Piranhas are great as moving scenery and for contesting objectives at the last moment. Three Broadsides seems like overkill to me so I would probably drop one of those

    I also think you need more troops. 160 points is a reasonable Fire Warrior unit in a fishy so I would consider that.

    Gosh, just one week to go before ASMOH, I need to finish painting stuff!

  3. My list went in last week.: ) I find for me the best way is to pick a list try not to change it and just practice a lot with it. There's always going to be something you'll have trouble against so just don't worry about it.

  4. Hi,

    Thanks for the advice guys.

    In the end I think I need more practice with piranhas before I take them to a tournament, as I've only played one game with them, and I feel I didn't use them to the best of their abilities. I will see how this tournament goes and they may make an appearence in the next tournament which is only 2 weeks later.

    I was definetely very tempted of using another troop choice. In my last tournament I went to (in Novemeber) I had a larger fire warrior unit and a 3rd unit of kroot (10 models). To aid this I also had two units of 6 pathfinders, giving me two devilfishs to transport both the small kroot unit and the fire warriors. Having 2 large outflanking kroot units plus 2 further troop units in transports was nice, but I had no where near the fire power I have in this list.

    The final point that made up my mind for the tournament list was redtroop's advice of just to stick with what I've been using. The fact that I haven't been able to get the number of games to test out my "more firepower" list means I'll just treat this tournament as the test games I didn't get, and then add piranhas to my list for the post tournament games.

    So after all this to-ing and fro-ing I've submitted the list in the main post. However I will be trying out the ideas of an extra troop unit and piranhas after the tournament.

    Now I just need to get on with the painting :(


  5. Dude, how did the tournament go?

  6. The tournament is this weekend (Sat 8th), and I'm furiously painting as we speak.

    I have models for the whole army already, but I wanted to use the tournament as an incentive to replace some models that I bought off ebay with new ones painted in a colour scheme that more closely matches the rest of my army.

    I'll post how I did early next week, or maybe a quick post sunday.


  7. 1 day to go. Should be a good day, see you there.

  8. I've finished as much painting as I can get done, repairs completed, all I can do now is pray to the dice gods for some average luck :)

    Hopefully Redtroop and I can do the Tau proud :)

    Tournament review and pics of my new crisis suits will follow shortly.




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