Tuesday, 29 December 2009

2010 Tournaments


With a resurgence in 40k gaming among my mates with us hitting a few tournaments in 2009, we're planning to hit as many as possible local tournaments, and maybe the GW GT as well, in 2010.

Below is a list of tournaments I hope to hit in 2010 (if you're also attending please come over and say hi):

Spiky Club One-Day 40k Tournament - 20th Feb

Great Devourer (One Day GW Tournament) - approx March (29th March in 2009)

A Small Matter of Honour (Basingstoke) - approx May (9th May in 2009)

40k Online Tournament (Bracknell) - 21st Aug

Starsmash (Spiky Club tournament held at Colours) - approx Sept (12-13 Sept in 2009)

Mayhem Octoberfest (Tolworth) - approx Oct (24-25th Oct in 2009)

GW Grand Tournament - Oct or Nov depending on which Heat

Total War III (Spiky Club tournament held at Warfare) - approx Nov (21-22 Nov in 2009)

There may be a few more we go to, but those are the main ones I hope to attend. If you know of any tournaments close to Reading please let me know.


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